About Me

I am a counseling psychologist, with experience living and practicing abroad for over 10 years, helping people from various international backgrounds to find strength and bravely walk their paths of life.

Curriently during the pandemic period, I provide psychological consultations only online for adults, and couples.​ I work in English, Lithuanian, Dutch and Russian.

My approach is based on the insights and methods from the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Humanistic Existential Therapy (HET). I have university degrees in Psychology and Human resource management, a diploma in Existential Psychotherapy.  Currently, I am also a PhD student at M. Romeris and Antwerp universities, as well as a lecturer. My professional development involves various post-Master courses taken in Europe and USA. I work closely with professional supervisors. 

I am a member of Lithuanian Psychology Association, and Belgium Psychologists Commision. Registration number: 802326654.

For further inquires please e-mail me: linabutkute.com@gmail.com and I will get back to you as soon I can.


Psychological Counseling

This is mostly short-term support (1-5 sessions), which helps to overcome some specific problem in your current life.  It can be relationship issues with important people in your life, making an important decision, or working on a  concrete problematic situation.


Psychotherapy is helpful when you have had a longer period of time feeling depressed, anxious,when issues continue to linger despite you wishing they would have been solved long ago, and you are not sure how to move forward. Sometimes psychotherapy is the next step after short-term counselling.

Psychological Assessment

Psychological assessment is for school-aged children who encounter various issues at school or home. It can be anger, anxiety, depressive moods, challenges with reading, writing or calculus, social issues and alike. Often psychological assessments are required by schools in order to be able to support your child adequately.

Training and Research

Training and research are for organisations that work with individuals from various cultural backgrounds.  They look into the questions of adaptation, conflict solutions, multicultural team management, and alike.

For further inquires please e-mail me: linabutkute.com@gmail.com and I will get back to you as soon I can.